This happens an awful lot to us! That little “New Episodes” label on Netflix constantly fools us 😢

Dunfermline Comic Con – 30th March 2019

Heya! Just a little reminder about Dunfermline Comic Con! It’s my first Scotland convention appearance in two years and it’s by no coincidence that the last time was Dunfermline Comic Con in 2017! The organisers need to get as many ticket sales as they can by the end of January so if you’re nearby, please consider coming to one of the best comics shows in the UK!

Our Super Adventure – Press Start To Begin preview images!

Press Start To Begin is the new title for the Oni Press version of the first Our Super Adventure book! It’s out in comic shops on March 13th, and then all good book stores (online and offline) from March 26th! You can preorder it now from your favourite shop/website!

There’s two different covers – the first one below is the Oni Press retail edition – the one that you can get from shops! The second cover is our version, which will be available from and from us at UK conventions!

We’ve still got some copies of the original self-published hardback in stock too – if you want to order one of those check out this link!

The content of the books is the same – the main different is that the new edition looks a bit snazzier inside, design-wise! We took our 2019 skillz to the 2015 design and made it look a bit nicer 🙂


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