We tried!

So basically, Toby has always been quite content to just chill out in Stef’s arms, as documented in the photo above! (upper left square with the 😻!)

However, our other cats just do not have this ability! Even though it’s a perfect position to be brushed and they ALL love to be brushed!

To be fair, we do try to pick up the cats every once in a while, but it always ends up a bit awkward! Here’s a bit of a description of how the other cats handle it:

😾Pesto – The Timer Cat (lower left square)😾
Pesto will be picked up…for a short time only. After around 20 seconds she will do a little honk and get a bit wriggly, meaning it’s time for her time in the arms to end.

🙀Pixel – The “What’s Going On?!” Cat (upper right square)🙀
Pixel will seemingly be fine with being picked up…but after the initial shock and surprise he will also get a bit wriggly and demand to be released.

🙀Wilson – The LONG BOY (lower right square) 🙀
Wilson just does not get being held at all! He’s all elbows and 100% awkward from the get go. Back to the floor/sofa/cushion you go!


I feel like I can’t end this without pointing out that even though three of our cats are awful at being picked up, they love affection in different ways! They all like to cuddle up next to us on the sofa or on the bed, and they’re always hanging out with us in our studio room too!

(Toby wins in the “being picked up” awards, though! Love you Toby! ♥️)