17th August 2016

i’m currently busy working on a diary comic about my recent trip to the States, so here’s another old strip to tie y’all over until I’m done! it’s about appreciating the booty, the finest and most elegant body part

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  1. Sarah, I think you are the English version of me. I can relate to EVERY SINGLE COMIC you’ve posted. I also have a long term boyfriend person, who recently became my long term husband person. We also have four fluff cats. I just discovered your comics today, and it’s like reading comics about myself. Weird! 🙂

    • Me too! Except I am Swedish. And my long term boyfriend person is not my long term husband person, and we only have two cats. So far… (muhahaha!)
      I do the butt thing all the time!

  2. Sarah, I just discovered your work today, thanks to the oh-so-wonderful George Takei. I’ve read all of the entries for 2015 AND 2016 already and realize I better save some for another day or I’ll be bummed. Love your sense of humor and your values. Thank you so much!
    Kathleen O’Nan from Los Angeles, California
    P.S. Booty, booty!

  3. The butt is the most glorious, satisfying body part…right up until it emits foul odor. Then it becomes a bio-weapon. This scene has happened so many times, my boyfriend has stopped reacting.

  4. I agree with everyone. You’re totally the english version of my husband and I! You guys even look like us. We always send your comics to each other and say,” That’s You”!

  5. Just discovered your comic and your page. You truly nail the beauty, humor and aura of the healthy and wonderful long term relationship. Great work! My wife Dharma and I have been together for 29 years now and can totally relate. Much more success to you and Stef!

  6. I love your comics!!!! I show them to my boyfriend all the time when I see them.. They make me think of me and him. I just start smiling and laughing. Keep up the good work!

  7. I know right, they kind of look like me and my boyfriend to..and I think its me and him or we’d so do that. I can relate. Lol