Goblin Day (6th July 2018)

You just can’t beat a good goblin day sometimes! 👾👾👾

This is from my new book VIDEO GAMES AND PIZZA PARTIES! Get it now on Kickstarter! We hit the first stretch goal so every book now comes with a set of four holographic stickers! 

Link: http://kck.st/2MJSSET

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  1. ok i know cats aren’t in this one but i just had to ask this question.
    Are pesto and pixel from the same litter? they look very similar. how do u tell them apart?

    • Pixel is actually Pesto’s son! They have the same fur pattern on their back but Pesto has bigger eyes and Pixel is a little bit bigger overall than Pesto. Stef gets them mixed up a whole bunch if he can’t see their eyes, it’s very funny.