We recently got rid of our loft bed, but before we dismantled it this was a regular occurrence made ten times worse if we were trying to answer the door. RIP loft bed!!

P.S I’M AT LONDON MCM EXPO THIS WEEKEND (26th-28th May) in the comic village, here are some handy maps so you can find me!

Let me know if you’re going and come say hi!!
I have a large yellow banner and blue tablecloth. I’ll also have Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch, issues 1 and 2 of Kim Reaper, my Rick and Morty trade and lots of new stuff too!! Along with Stef who is pretty great. It’s gonna be a hoot. <3
If you’re not at the show (oh noo!) or you’re just eager to see, I’ll be listing all my new merch tomorrow night on my online shop too! So keep your peepers peeled.