My hands are delicious! And so clean! From cat spit!!

Forbidden Planet Signing!

I’m doing a signing at the Birmingham Forbidden Planet megastore Saturday 20th!! I’m signing between 1-2, and will be signing Kim Reaper 1 + 2 and the Rick and Morty Lil’ Poopy Superstar trade paperback! Here are the deets:

Kim Reaper #2 & Lil’ Poopy Superstar UK Trade Out This Week!

Kim Reaper #2 is out on WEDNESDAY 17th May, so make sure to pick it up! If you’re jonesing for a sneak peek, Comics Beat have you got covered here.
The Rick and Morty Lil’ Poopy Superstar trade will also be available that day in UK stores. It’s a double comics whammy.

Scholastic/Graphix Book Deal!

And uh, I’m also making a graphic novel with Scholastic/Graphix!? That won’t be out for a while ‘cos I’ve gotta draw the dang thing, but hold onto your seats ‘cos it’s gonna be GOOD.

London MCM Later This Month!

I’ll be tabling at London MCM in the comic village 26th-28th May! It’s a busy month and I’m excited to see you all. <3


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