I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, and one of the first things that happened was the event pictured above. Luckily Stef isn’t actually a vampire!

Hey! We’re officially in brand new Our Super Adventure territory! All of the comics from this point on are shiny new ones after we’ve had a few weeks of Video Games and Pizza Parties strips!

Lastly – and there’ll be another Our Super Adventure comic appearing before the official end of 2018 so this might be a bit early – Thank You!

This year has been a really hectic good one, and we’re incredibly appreciative for every single person who likes or shares a comic, or buys a book or a pin badge, or comes out to a convention to see us, or writes a nice review online!

You’re all the best, and me and Stef both wish you all a relaxing and good few days off for the holidays!🌲