It’s nice having someone to sleepily agree to protect you from monsters in the middle of the night! (Thanks, Stef!)

UK Dates Announced!

Hey! I’ve announced the first wave of UK events that we’ll be this year! Go check out for more information! We’ve got more dates to announce soon, including a few US shows too, so stay tuned for those!

Life Is Strange: Partners In Time Issue 2 Cover Revealed!

Cover reveal! Here’s my variant cover for Life Is Strange: Partners In Time Issue 2! It’s the second one in a four issue set! 💙🦋💙

You can preorder it from your favourite comic shop now, and it’ll be in stores on May 20th, 2020 through Titan Comics ! Issue 1 is still available to preorder as well – that one will be on sale on April 15th!