✨🐈✨ Pesto shows her affection through licks! She’s the best (and she’s still not fond of Wilson!)

Me and Stef (@lightningstef) have written a book together called 🍩Donut The Destroyer!💥 It’s released by @graphixbooks on June 2nd 2020, and we thought a cool way to introduce the characters would be through a fictional trading card game!

Over the next few months we’re going to post more designs and give you a small introduction to some of the heroes and villains that exist in the world of Donut The Destroyer! We hope you enjoy seeing them and if you’re interested in the book, we hope you pre-order a copy from your fave book/comic shop! Check out http://www.donutthedestroyer.com for some places to order the book!

There’s also a Free Comic Book Day preview comic that will available in comic shops on May 2nd! We’re super excited about Donut The Destroyer and we can’t wait to show you more!