Collaboration! (6th August 2018)

She’s just trying her best to help! 😺

Kickstarter! It’s over!

Phew! Ever since the Kickstarter ended last week we’ve been working non-stop to get the new book finished! I’ve been pencilling and inking up a storm while Stef’s been flatting and lettering the comics as I finish them!

We’re sending off the finished book files to the printer in just over a week and a half…it’s going to be super busy, but we’re super excited!

If you still want to pre-order the book, you can do that over on my online shop!

Kim Reaper Vampire Island!

Also! Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #1 is out in comic shops through Oni Press on September 5th, but next Monday is the last day to preorder the comic to make sure that your comic shop gets it! Either nicely ask your local comic shop to order it for you, or check out either Forbidden Planet (UK) or Westfield Comics (USA) to pre-order online! Thanks!

You can still read the first Kim Reaper book over at too! A new page is uploaded every weekday until Vampire Island comes out 🙂

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  1. how do u guys tell pixel and pesto apart? also i know pesto is pixel’s mom right, was there any other kittens in his litter?

    • Their faces are pretty different thankfully 🙂 Sometimes Stef gets their names wrong if he sees one from above haha!

      Wilson was in the same litter, and there were two other kittens – Coco went to Stef’s sister, and Jesse went to my parents!