The other day Stef walked back in the room and was sorting out boring paperwork stuff for at least a few minutes before I realised he was there and it scared the life out of me!

Today I’ve been announced as a guest for Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds in September! It’s always a very good comics event, we can’t wait!

I’ve got two Kim Reaper signings happening next week for the release of the Grim Beginnings trade paperback! If you’re near London (Forbidden Planet London, Wednesday 14th February) or Birmingham (Forbidden Planet Birmingham, Saturday 17th February), come and pick up a signed and sketched copy! It collects Kim Reaper issues 1-4 and we’ll have some cool pin badges to give away too!

Lastly, here’s another timelapse video of me drawing and inking an Our Super Adventure strip! $5 patrons on my Patreon get to see these videos as soon as they’re finished, so if this is something you’re into, check out my Patreon page!

Phew, what an update! Hopefully Our Super Adventure should upload regularly on Monday from now on! (With comics going up on Patreon the previous Friday). I hope you’re having a good 2018 so far, and hopefully I’ll see you at an event soon!