Pixel is such a sharp boy and I love him so much! He totally loves me back but he shows it through gently clawing me. RIP my legs.

Kim Reaper Signings – Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone who came to see me in London and Birmingham! The Kim Reaper signings were really nice and I hope you’re enjoying it if you picked it up!


Also, it’s not long now until Emerald City Comic Con! I’ll be in the Artist Alley and I’ll have a full list of all of the panels and signings that I’ll be doing while there to share with you all soon!


Lastly, in case you missed it yesterday, we made a video slideshow of some older Our Super Adventure comics on my YouTube channel! You can watch it here:

and click here to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like! I’ll be doing more videos like this and more timelapse stuff too!