Fancy snacks are the *best*. I wish every day could be fancy snack day! ūüć©ūüć©ūüć©


Thanks to everyone to came out to¬†Thought Bubble!¬†It was a super nice weekend and we always love getting to talk to people who read the comics, you’re wonderful! We bought a bunch of great books too – there are so many great comic creators at Thought Bubble! We recommend it highly.


Lastly, in case you haven’t seen yet, the first¬†official¬†Minecraft¬†graphic novel¬†has been announced, and¬†I’m the artist¬†for the book! You can see the cover and read a few pages over at Newsweek here:¬†

It’s super exciting! It will be in shops Summer 2019 so keep your eyes peeled!